Wake and Bake Think Tank: The Media, Government, and Opioids, Oh My!

I realize I posted this on my Instagram this morning, but it’s pretty important to point out, so this is for all of you who don’t follow me on Insta.

Be wary your media…and your government.

Today’s Wake and Bake Think Tank is wildly depressing, but since we already know how backwards and fucked government can be, it’s important that we take a look at the two approaches to this article about 12 hours apart.

First, I’ll address The Media –

I’m not sure if the discrepancies between the two articles were intentional; but if they were, I can’t clearly see the reasoning for it, other than a change in how this blow was to be delivered to the public. I simply wanted to go back through the article this morning, and when I googled it, this is what I found.

Doesn’t lend much credibility to an already unscrupulous media.

Now The Government –

With the ongoing opioid crisis in this country, you think the FDA would, oh, I don’t know, LISTEN to critics BEFORE putting more of these shitty ass drugs on the market.

And they say weed is dangerous and makes you dumb…yet another example of irony. Personally, I think it’s power and and positions of authority given to vastly flawed and easily bought humans with too many initials after their names that causes grossly more bad behavior.

You know what they call someone who got D’s in medical school? “Doctor.” And for those who got A’s…well, just because they know how to study, doesn’t make them smart.

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