Each of us was taught what was to be considered important…what possibilities were right and which were wrong. Now, our brains are unable to see all the other possibilities in the world. For example, if I perceive there is something that I want but was told that “something” was unimportant, I have learned to dismiss it as unwantable or unnecessary. It is now our obligation to ourselves to retrain our brains to see what we deem as important. Although it is truly no one’s “fault,” we didn’t choose this narrow way of seeing the world, but we can choose to change…we can choose to see what we want, why we want it, and how to get it. 

To do this doesn’t take “affirming” it simply takes choosing. Choosing to see all the other information we have blocked out for so long. 

Be open to seeing your choices, be open to seeing what you once did not. 

I’m choosing to see things differently, I’m choosing to see different things. 

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