Shower Meditation

There’s always an air of ritual with any prayer, and meditation is no different. You don’t have to call it a prayer, but it’s the same principle. People think that there’s an elaborate build up when you’re getting ready to meditate, candles, incense, Tibetan singing bowls…I could go on and on. Those things are all amazing accessories to help get you into the proper headspace, but the truth is you can meditate anywhere for any amount of time, and sometimes you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Take for example, those amazing thoughts you have in the shower.

We’ve all heard that the best thoughts come when your mind is at rest, and many of us have some great thoughts in the shower. Many of us have also seen this meme, which perfectly depicts how good it feels to shower…while stoned.

(I have no idea who made this meme, but here’s to you mystery person…here’s. to. you.)

NOTE: not a bath, a shower. Although baths are a great place to meditate, bath meditations are completely different, they’re similar to laying in bed…so always be careful not to fall asleep in there!

I’m not suggesting a guided meditation for your showers, just some music which doesn’t require you to listen too closely. You’ll soon find that you’re multitasking in the best way – your mind is adrift, given the freedom to solve problems, and you’re making progress in your day, to boot. It doesn’t add a moment to your shower, it simply maximizes the moments you already have.

I’ve definitely had some of my best thoughts in the shower…stoned or not stoned…and I found myself enhancing my shower experiences with meditation music.

Here’s a video of meditation music you may enjoy. Remember, the goal is to take your amazing shower thoughts to the next level by going deeper for the few minutes you’re in there. You can also find this video on the Cannabis Meditations playlist on the Cannabis Meditation Network on YouTube.

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