It Started with a Single Thought


Before I begin, allow me to disclaim that the following was written at the peak of a wake and bake, so this seems much more profound in my head.

If you really think about it, we label ourselves constantly – “Capricorn,” “Employed,” “Married,” “Victim,” we even label ourselves by our illnesses…then we join groups with people who have similarities…perhaps because, in a very odd way, we admire ourselves, our sicknesses, our situations, and our downfalls, more than we realize. So much so, we seek to constantly be reminded of them.

This is where I begin to unfold that thought…

Funny, isn’t it? Those who join feel good groups are the first many of us call “nerd,” or “out of touch.” They’re “livin in a dream.” And some of those places they come together are called “churches.” All people who believe the same things, and come together to show/prove their faith, rather than realizing that it’s their faith that simply makes them feel better. Church is a meditation, a sanctuary of peace. Communal energy. The doctrine is irrelevant, unless you are interested in history or theology. It’s the feeing one gets from being there. It’s a personal space. Not to say there isn’t something good to be found in the message, but the hypnotic ritual of chanting is really the perfect place to meditate. Granted, one should seriously consider subliminal programming before attempting this.

Total craziness, but there’s probably really something to this…

Side Note: What if church founders realized that communal pegan worship was powerful energy, so they used it against their subjects? They brought people together and programmed them through rituals similar to the types they were accustomed, then slowly changed the ritual with the intent to indoctrinate through hypnosis. It would take only 1 generation to accomplish this.

We reinforce what we perceive makes us different and then seek out more of the same. What we fail to realize, time and again, is that we can go anywhere and be with whomever. It’s a simple matter, really. Just ask yourself, “Am I open to accepting people who are different, with whom I may have nothing in common?” Then we must ask ourselves, will our biology even allow for this?


Everything we do is about survival. Adaptation to survive in our current environments. Humans are pack animals, assimilate or die. Find others like us, build a bond, and protect/defend one another. We have done nothing with our evolution. We have the knowledge of the power of our minds, and we’ve all seen things we simply can’t explain, but most have never applied this knowledge or experience. Ah, but the few who have are the ones who seemingly work miracles.

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